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AVIASA-Full Service FBO

Aeropuerto de Ilopango (MSSS)

San Salvador, El Salvador

Aviation El Salvador FBO Airport Ilopango

As El Salvador’s leading general aviation fueling facility, AVIASA-FBO sets the standard for superior fuel and lubrication products and premium service at competitive prices.


Conveniently located just minutes from San Salvador, AVIASA-FBO gives you quick access to the city and surrounding areas for business meetings and overnight stays.  


AVIASA-FBO is well-positioned for your fueling needs throughout Central America, the Caribbean and the United States.  

FBO Services


El Salvador Airport

As El Salvador’s most convenient, one-stop aviation facility, we tailor our services to meet every aviator’s needs.  Learn more about the services that AVIASA-FBO can coordinate for you.

Our History


El Salvador Helicopter Airport

Built on a 30-year tradition of service and support excellence, AVIASA-FBO is well-known around the region for its top of the line service, high quality products and competitive prices.  Learn more.

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US U.S. Military Air Force El Salvador

Our job is to make every take off and landing convenient, thorough and friendly. Whatever your requirements, we’re here to help you get the most out of your air travel.  Contact us today!